Pirin Park

House 4


4 bedrooms

Zoned land – 424.45 м² , Built area 127.14 м² м²



Functional solution:
The building has a main pedestrian access road at an altitude of 0,00 from south-east. An exit from the sitting room to the adjacent courtyard is also planned. The main entrance leads to a vestibule from where the sitting room with dining room and kitchenette, as well as one of the bedrooms are directly accessible. A hallway connects the vestibule and the other three bedrooms, bathroom and storage room, and one of the bedrooms has an individual bathroom. The sitting room with dining room and kitchenette faces south-west, with an exit to the courtyard through a partially covered porch.
Technical details
The load-bearing structure is a reinforced-concrete skeleton-beam structure with a complex double-pitched timber roof with a slope of 30%, covered by flat concrete tiles.
The external surrounding walls are planned to be built of 25 cm thick ceramic bricks. The internal partition walls are made of 12 cm thick ceramic bricks.
The thermal insulation of the building is planned in accordance with the requirements of the design rules, and the governing parameters are achieved by using EPS about 10 cm thick on the external walls, 5 cm XPS on the walls having contact with the terrain,
14 cm mineral wool between the roof ribs. XPS of 6 cm is laid on the reinforced concrete covering at an altitude of ±0.00 m due to the water underfloor heating.
Green space 241.32 м2 (56.9%)



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