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The sales are extremely dynamic due to the low prices, so if you have serious intentions and are interested in a purchase or inspection of a flat, please contact us directly by phone. We have Viber on this number so we can send information there!


+359 887 715 402



You can receive а price list with all payment methods upon request on the specified phone number or by email.

We reply to emails within 2 business days!

We reply in Viber within 10 minutes.

+359 887 715 402


The flats and the building can be inspected every day between 09:00 and 19:00!
(we work at the weekends as well)
If you want to make an inspection, please confirm 1 day before the inspection only by phone as we reply to emails with a delay!

+359 887 715 402




Why buy a flat from us?

Pros and cons


The real estate market globally has always been one of the most attractive ones among the investors. Over the last 10 years we witness a continuous growth of the Bulgarian properties prices as well as a constant speculation about the well-known assertion for the upcoming burst of another property bubble. Since 2020 until now we have gone through 5 consecutive Covid 19 epidemic waves, non-stop political disturbances, caretaker governments, common concern about the currency board, a war in Ukraine and last but not least – inflation of everything. Nevertheless, the prices of the Bulgarian properties continue to grow robustly. Among the great market supply of properties, one of the biggest challenges is to find the right investment where there is a balance between price, risk and liquidity. Usually, the well-priced properties either present a hidden risk or are available for a short period, as currently demand outruns supply and everyone tries to invest profitably and quickly their savings. When an attractive offer comes up, the market pushes us to make the right decision, otherwise some other potential investor will take advantage of the offer as a result of our indecisiveness. When making such a decision everyone tries not to act emotionally but rather be more rational calculating the exact risk they are about to take and whether the investment is really a liquid one. The liquidity of an asset or property is determined on the basis of how fast this asset or property can turn into money. In other words, how fast we can get rid of the property by reselling it. This is the point where the advantages and disadvantages which would contribute to or prevent a potential need of fast resale of the purchased property, are being weighted. As our sales are really dynamic and often our clients feel pushed to make an instant decision, we pointed out some of the key factors when calculating risk and liquidity before purchasing a flat in a compound Bansko hills side.


Reliable investor and constructor with more than 30 years of history.


Constructor: Interbuild Engineering EOOD

The finishing works in the Bansko Hills Side Compound are performed by INTERBUILD ENGINEERING EOOD construction engineering company. The construction company was established to carry out projects of Global Invest Holding AD or its subsidiaries. Interbuild Engineering EOOD does not perform construction services for enterprises or natural persons outside the Global Invest Holding AD group.

INTERBUILD ENGINEERING EOOD is a long-standing member of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber, and over the years the company has built a total floorage of over 400 000 m2, the whole financial resource being provided by Global Invest Holding AD.

Investor: Practical Investment EOOD

Practical Investment EOOD investment company is part of the holding structure of Global Invest Holding AD which performs a wide range of activities in the field of construction, entrepreneurship, tourism and finance. All construction and investment activities are carried out by subsidiaries divided into four specialized and complementary directions.

GLOBAL INVEST HOLDING AD and its subsidiaries perform their activity with OWN CAPITAL and DO NOT USE BANK LOANS. !



No payment risk scheme


Basic price option
First payment in the amount of 35% of the total purchase price within 3 business days from signature of a preliminary contract.
Second payment in the amount of 65% is transferred upon issuance of Act 16 (certificate of habitation).
All notary deeds are at our expense. The fees for the transfer of the flats are at the expense of the buyer.
Option 30% discount of the basic price
Deposit payment in the amount of EUR 2000 and the rest of the amount within 15 business days.
All notary deeds are at our expense.
The fees for the transfer of the flats are at the expense of the buyer.
Option Individual payment schemes
You get a possibility of a flexible payment scheme coordinated with the clients and the construction progress.

Unique market price

Unreasonable low prices! Hard to believe but TRUE!

One of the most frequently asked questions of our clients is WHAT’S THE CATCH? or How is it possible to sell flats with painted premises, finished bathrooms and installed laminate at a price below the cost of the construction? In fact, THERE IS NO CATCH AT ALL! This is not a fraud scheme for deposit collection or misuse of properties. We can safely say that our homes maintain the most favourable price in the region of Razlog, Bansko, Banya and Dobrinishte. Over the last 3 years we have managed to realize more than 800 sales of flats at prices below €300 per square metre in the towns of Bansko and Razlog, and over the last 10 years we have had more than 2800 realized sales of individual sites in Razlog, Bansko and Sofia.

When you invest in the purchase of a furnished flat with an area of 60 m2 in a building with Act 16 in a resort area and TOP location, at a price lower than that of a single garage OFF THE PLAN in the city of Sofia, then this investment turns into a really liquid asset.




Excellent location

Choosing the right location is essential, particularly when the home purchase is intended for investment purposes. Grand Bansko Compound is situated in the town of Bansko, 300 m from the ski lift. The mountain town and the picturesque area around fascinate the visitors with wonderful conditions for winter and summer tourism, and the immediate vicinity of the cabin lift of the biggest Bulgarian ski resort, invariably turns the purchase of a flat in the compound into a secure and liquid investment with return potential both in winter and summer.

Grand Bansko is situated in a communicative location within walking distance of taverns, restaurants, casinos and night clubs. The starting point of the cabin lift can be reached for not more than 7-8 minutes on foot. The entire compound is surrounded by the natural advantages of the resort town. More than 254 flats in the inner courtyard face south-east, and the mountain view takes every visitor’s breath. In the western part there is a great panorama view to the ski trails of Bansko, and from north-west you can enjoy the magical charm of the resort town.

The village of Banya is not more than 5 km away, and over the last years has been growing faster with its 75 mineral springs and breathtaking panorama views to the Pirin and Rila mountains..

Low service fee

€3 / m2 for 1 year !

One of the main issues when buying a flat in a closed compound or holiday resort is the service fee. Flats in closed compounds at extremely attractive prices often appear on the real estate market. Actually, the low price of the property is just a kind of initial payment, after which the real part comes into play, or in other words –annual service fee. These fees vary within a range of EUR 15-35 per square metre for 1 calendar year! It means that for a flat with an area of 100 m2, you will have to pay between EUR 1500-3500 service fee for 1 calendar year. This is approximately BGN 250 and BGN 600 per month, in order to own a flat in a closed compound. In many cases such service fee considerably decreases the intended return of your investment as the rental income sometimes gets 100% eaten up by the service fee.

In Grand Bansko as well as in all our compounds, the service fee is in the minimum amount of €3 per square metre excluding VAT on an annual basis! The fee is fixed and can be modified only upon a general meeting where the owners of flats decide by consensus to increase, decrease or eliminate the service fee 

The service includes the following activities:

– Cleaning of the common areas once a week

– Cleaning and maintenance of the inner courtyard

– 24/7 video surveillance and up to 3 months event video history.

– Maintenance of all lifts

– Payment of electricity and water bills in the common areas

Stage of completion

Since 2019 we have been investing in the purchase of unfinished buildings in the town of Bansko and Razlog, wе make them ready for use by Act 16 and resell them. The stage of completion in which we sell the flats varies for each compound.


Functional homes


Individual accounts

for electricity and water

A large part of the properties offered in Bansko and the Golf Course do not have individual accounts for electricity and water, which makes them a risk investment as you cannot control the consumption In short, even if you do not consume, you still pay.

In Grand Bansko each flat is handed over with an individual account for electricity and water, therefore each owner will pay only the consumed electrical power and water.

Furnishing Package

Purchasing a flat is only the beginning as after that it has to be finished and furnished. Quite often this turns out to be impossible for many of our clients due to the stressful and dynamic everyday life we all have. As a result, at first glance simple finishing works and furnishing can take months even years which will certainly increase the costs. Our proposal is to save you time, energy and headaches by taking the inevitable and numerous meetings, haggling and unreasonably high prices of handymen, workmen and cabinet-makers off your hands.

Currently, we offer 2 finishing packages:

Package 1

Finished bathroom – hydro insulation, tiles, toilet and sink.

Laminate installation

Painting all premises with white ceilings and walls in two colours. rs.


Package 2

Complete flat furnishing. Currently, we can offer only 1 type of furnishing but soon we will announce a second one – Premium furnishing.



Upon purchase of a flat in some of our compounds in Razlog or Bansko, you can rent your flat with no additional fees at all! For clients who are not from the region, we can offer our representative who will meet your guests, as well as professional cleaning of the flat. This service is not free of charge, of course, but surely not a single hotel in Bansko offers service like that at such an attractive price. Regardless of the rental price we will charge you only for cleaning the amount of BGN 25 – 55 excluding VAT, depending on the flat size. The cleaning frequency for the entire period is up to you. You find clients through Air BNB, Trivago or Booking, and we make sure they enjoy their stay.

No commissions

Directly from an investor


We are not a Real Estate Agency but an investor and constructor. Therefore, when you purchase a flat or house from us, you do not owe a commission.

Over the last years we have built a total floorage of more than 400 000 m2 and successfully realized more than 2800 sales of different individual sites. All our projects are carried out by Interbuild Engineering, and the construction is 100% financed by Global Invest Holding AD or its subsidiaries. We work entirely with our own capital, without bank loans.

Investment Projects

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